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About Us

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Chengdu Puring Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in laboratory and industrial pure water or ultra-pure water equipment, development, design, production, sales and services. It is a professional manufacture of ultra-pure water machine market leader in the field. We produce ultrapure water system and Industrial water treatment system. Which ultrapure water system for standard products there are 4 series of 75 kinds of specifications to meet the atomic absorption, ion chromatography, liquid chromatography, molecular biology etc. such as water demand in almost all experiments. Industrial water treatment systems, based on the quality of raw water and finished water quality, custom system design, When customer recognition, according to program, manufacture and install equipment.

We have strong technical force, technology backbone is the elite of ultrapure water industry. All Products: water treatment processes are rigorous scientific computing (including: system pressure, flow rate, recovery rate, the rate of desalination, piping configuration, etc.). chassis are designed and manufactured using CAD software (including: appearance, structure, people machine interface, etc.). materials are the top choice of industry products (such as: Rohm and Haas resin, Dow reverse osmosis membrane, DMfit pipe fittings, etc.). Elite Talents, scientific design, advanced water technology, superior quality materials, create a good quality equipment.

We are professional pure water and ultra pure water equipment manufacturers. We adhere to the "professional, quality, innovation" idea of product design, focusing on the areas of pure and ultrapure water system, starting from little, did not miss any details ,repay confidence of customers with quality products. At the same time, we will continue to uphold the "integrity, quality, customer" business philosophy to continuously enhance corporate management, work hard to provide customers more and better products.

Typical customers

Sichuan University
Classic ultrapure water system
Beijing University
Ultimate ultrapure water system
A research and design institute in China
Non-Standard Fluid Engineering Products
Electronics Research Institute No.9
Ultimate ultrapure water system
Sichuan Academy of Forestry
Pressional ultrapure water system
Guangxi People's Hospital
Ultimate ultrapure water system
Wuxi PuZhen Electronics Co., Ltd.
Professional ultrapure water system
Sichuan Dowell Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Classic ultrapure water system