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Classic water purification system

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Puring Classic water purification system producing ultrapure water with reverse osmosis and Ion-exchange, directly connected to city water supply, Production of ultrapure water to meet water quality GB laboratory water quality GB6682-2008 Grade 1. Puring Classic water purification system design is simple and powerful system for water purification. Space saving in design with Concise fashion shape. Pretreatment cartridges placed under the table, to save desk space. Puring Classic water purification system is your good partner for laboratory ultrapure water production.

Technical Features

Product Photo

Puring Classic ultrapure water system


Man-machine interfaceFashion simple man-machine interface, waterproof membrane keypad, the system status indicator light, LED display water quality.
Man-machine interface
Double the water intakeDouble the water intake design, One can access pure water , another can access ultrapure water.
Double the water intake
Ventilation holeVentilation hole at the bottom and both sides of door not only can cooling equipment, but also can ensure that electrical components dry, extended equipment life.
Ventilation hole
Control circuit boardSingle-chip microcomputer automatic control, outstanding quality and stability. Run, standby, alarm automatic function, customers just need to do is press the button to access ultrapure water.
Control circuit board

Spec Sheet

ApplicationsRinse containersAAS atomic absorptionHPLC
Students experimentIC-Ion ChromatographyAAS atomic absorption
Humidifying machineToxin detectionICP atomic emission
Sterilization potImmunodiagnosticsIC-Ion Chromatography
Feed to ultrapure SystemPlant cell cultureBio-engineering
Other equipment ...Microelectronics clean ...Electrophoresis ...
Pure Water Specifications
Ultrapure Water Specifications
Inorganics[3]No ultrapure water15~18.2MΩ.cm18.2MΩ.cm
Bacterial endotoxin<0.001EU/ml[2]<0.001EU/ml[2]
Other specifications
Make up rate[3]8 or 12 l/hr
Flowrate (max)1.5 l/min
Feedwater TDS< 200ppm
Feedwater Pressure0.15~0.5Mpa
Storage Reservoirs12 Liter
Pretreatment Cartridge10-inch 3-channel external (Crystal scale inhibitor)
Mains Input220VAC/50Hz
Power consumption50VA
Dimensions (W×H×D) 290×493×398mm

[1] With UV Sterilizer.
[2] With Ultrafiltration Pyrogen Removal.
[3] Test at 25℃.
Above-mentioned configuration as the standard configuration, if non-standard can contact us.