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Ultimate water purification system

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Puring Ultimate Ultrapure water system designed for: a strong ability to adapt to the raw water, high water flow, long life Consumables, water quality excellent stability, adjustable parameters of the system, can support biochemical analyzer. Designed to achieve the above, Puring Ultimate Ultrapure water system not only has the Classic, Professional Ultrapure water system technology advantages, also made the following specific design.

Technical Features

In addition, Puring Ultimate Ultrapure water system also includes: Pretreatment cartridge, reverse osmosis, post-processing cartridge all-in-one design, simplifying the piping connections. installation and maintenance convenience. single-chip CPU fully automatic control, fault acousto-optic self-alarm system, LED water quality show, ergonomic design of human-computer interface Etc.

Product Photo

Puring ultimate ultrapure water system


Man-machine interfaceTilt ergonomic user interface, easy operation and convenient. waterproof membrane keypad, the system status indicator light, LED display water quality.
Man-machine interface
Double the water intake and Central supply interface Double the water intake design, One can access pure water, another can access ultrapure water. Central supply interface can transfer pure water to remote water points.
Double the water intake
Control circuit boardSingle-chip microcomputer automatic control, outstanding quality and stability. Run, standby, alarm automatic function, customers just need to do is press the button to access ultrapure water.
Control circuit board
Universal wheelsUniversal wheels not only can move devices to place but also can be locked in place after positioning equipment.
Universal wheels not only can move devices to place but also can be locked in place after positioning equipment.
Industrial-grade reverse osmosis membrane and high-pressure UPVC pipeIndustrial level (desalination rate >99%) reverse osmosis membrane, enhance pure water quality more than doubled. High-pressure UPVC pipe, strong pressure, almost no leakage.
reverse osmosis membrane and pipe
Rotary vane pumpOnly one pump can meet the reverse osmosis membrane water flow requirements, pressure up to 1.5MPa. Pump as a power source of ultrapure water system, can be described as the heart of ultrapure water system, no doubt Ultimate Ultra-pure water machine have a strong heart.
Rotary vane pump
System pressure and flow displayPressure gauge and flow meter can be real-time display system pressure and flow, pressure and flow of ultrapure water system as the important work parameters that can respond to ultrapure water system is in the best working condition to ensure long-term stability of ultra-pure water system is running.
System pressure and flow display
System Control ValveWhen changes in the quality of raw water, filter or reverse osmosis membrane performance changes, turning the System Control Valve to change the system pressure and flow, can adapt to these changes, so that equipment is always in the best working condition.
System Control Valve

Spec Sheet

ApplicationsBiochemical reagentsBatteriesChemical reagentsSemiconductor
Pilot pure waterPlatingICIC
Tissue CultureV2O5Coated glassLCD Monitor
FertilizerReagent PreparationMicroelectronics CleaningUltrasonic Cleaning
Electrophoresis paint, surface coatingHydroponicsDissolution experimentsPilot ultrapure water
Host of central ultrapure water systemBiochemical analyzerBiochemical analyzerOptical lens
Pure Water Specifications
Ultrapure Water Specifications
Inorganics[2]No ultrapure water5~15M.cm15~18.2M.cm18.2M.cm
Bacteria<1 CFU/ml[1]<1 CFU/ml[1]<1 CFU/ml[1]
Other specifications
Make up rate[2]60 or 120 l/hr
Flowrate (max)2 l/min
Feedwater TDS<300ppm
Feedwater Pressure0.15~0.5Mpa
Storage Reservoirs42 Liter/76 Liter
Pretreatment Cartridge20-inch 3-channel external (Crystal scale inhibitor)
Mains Input220VAC/50Hz
Power consumption300W
Dimensions (W ×H×D)443×1072×598mm

[1] With UV Sterilizer.
[2] Test at 25℃.
Above-mentioned configuration as the standard configuration, if non-standard can contact us.